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Shane Kidwell

After taking a huge gamble and retiring early from being a professional fireman, thus forgoing his pension, Shane moved forward with one of the most daunting tasks he could ever imagine — sacrificing job security to attain another dream: becoming a full-time entrepreneur. Shane bet on himself, hired a business coach and went all in on being an entrepreneur. His path is not a normal one and he wouldn’t have it any other way. In his first 5 years (full time) he has been selected as a Top 1% Mortgage Originator, managed a team to over 300 million in loans last year, their 4th full year in the business and owns and operates complimentary businesses across the country including P&C insurance, multi-family housing and private investing. His day job now is managing and overseeing a team of 80+ originators and support staff in 10 states as the EVP of sales for his parent company Victorian Finance. Shane is constantly working to stay at the bleeding edge of technology and believes that building a personal team and brand are keys to every originator he comes in contact with. “YOU are the brand, not your company” is a key belief to how Shane coaches. Never turning down a good cup of coffee, Shane can be found outside of work investing in his family. He and his wife and daughter Olivia are found traveling, supporting their local pacific northwest sports teams or being active with their dogs enjoying the outdoors. Shane loves to help Loan Officers break through their issues with team building, brand development, scaling, working ON the biz not IN the biz, agent marketing and more.

Sean Zalmanoff

During his 18 years in the mortgage industry, Sean has built an empire. Closing $350M/year, Sean’s mortgage machine operates with over 50 employees in 5 states. When he’s not working on his empire, Sean can regularly be found outdoors with his wife and two boys, or next to the bbq grill perfecting the art of a fire kissed ribeye.

Sean loves to share his passion for team building and has an innate knack for helping Loan Officers see into their blind spots. Understanding that it’s easy to become engulfed and overwhelmed with mortgage minutia, Sean meets Loan Officers where they’re at and helps them create a path to prosperity.

You know what you know, you know what you don’t know, but you don’t know what you don’t know. The realm of possibilities exists in what you don’t know you don’t know…and that is what Sean will help you find!

Kenneth Travis

I help Loan Officers analyze their systems and process for efficiencies while focusing on their bottom line.

I help Loan Officers become unstuck when faced with overwhelming growth, inefficient operations, slow growth and failed team players.

I help Loan Officers transform into high-functioning, high-producing originators. I will provide a very direct, very clear, unbiased insight into what is working in your business and what is not.

As a 17 year Mortgage Veteran I am proficient in the following areas:

  • Knowing Your Why
  • Knowing Your Worth
  • 80/20 Staying Out of the Minutia
  • Team Building Specialist
  • Time Management Guru
  • Knowing Your Ideal Customer
  • Video Marketing, How to Be The Obvious Expert
  • Database Management, How To Build a 16ft Fence Around Past Client and Realtors.
  • Gift ology, The Art of Using Gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Client Retention.
  • Winning Deals Using Persuasion.

Kellen Vaughan

Kicking off his career in the mortgage industry, Kellen was first introduced to real estate in 2001 while working for a local property management company, which culminated in obtaining his real estate brokers license in 2004. Realizing that the mortgage industry was broken, and the need for ethical, high integrity lenders with proven systems was through the roof, Kellen transitioned from real estate into mortgage in 2012.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, though. Having created and installed many proven and repeatable systems and processes into his real estate brokerage, Kellen was able to leverage his experience in creating complex workflows to simplify and systematize his mortgage process.

Kellen’s passion is helping Loan Officers begin their journey towards the life they’ve always dreamt of. This includes understanding your role as the Loan Officer, scaling teams, implementing and perfecting systems and processes, and business diversification.

Darren Copeland

Hi, my name is Darren Copeland, President of Summit Lending, serving all of Missouri, Kansas, and Arizona. I have been in the mortgage industry for almost 20 years and remain a Top 1% Producer, nationwide. I have developed/learned many lessons and skills throughout my career. I would say, however, that my “super power” boils down to one main thing:

Focusing on money making activities and the delegation of non-money making activities to our team members. When leading a team, and still originating as I am, it is essential to our operational success that I remain laser focused on doing what I do best, which is driving revenue.

Empowering team numbers is just as important, however. By utilizing our team in different capacities and allowing each of them to use their individual skillsets, I can accomplish two things:

  1. Help each team member grow and feel truly empowered/appreciated; and
  2. Allow myself to remain laser focused on building relationships with referral partners and always working towards the ultimate goal – driving revenue for our brokerage.

Bryan Woodard

Bryan lives in Fort Worth, TX with his wife and two kids. He loves to do anything outdoors, especially coaching his kids’ sports teams. Bryan’s passion for the mortgage industry began in 2014. Coming from the corporate world with a long tenure of building and leading teams, Bryan quickly fell in love with creating new processes and challenging the status quo of the mortgage world.

Bryan has spent the last half of a decade growing sales and operations teams, creating new and improved systems and processes, and cooking really good BBQ.

He’d be honored to help you with any of the above!

Jason Frazier

Jason Frazier’s brand is simple. “Solve problems and help people.” Frazier is an award-winning marketer, technologist, strategist, and podcast host with more than 20 years of C-Level expertise in marketing, strategy, and technology. Frazier is also an accomplished national speaker who does “Ted Talks” regarding marketing and consumer attention. Frazier’s program is Originator 2021, which is a focus on helping MLOs win with marketing, strategy, tactics, and technology.

Alan Christian

Alan is extremely clear on his role in the mortgage biz and understands exactly how to execute daily in order to create Raving Fans of his Clients and Realtors. Alan is a master of his craft and uses tools and strategies like BombBomb video, Mortgage Coach, and social media engagement in a super cool way.

Alan teaches Loan Officers how to personalize the process with clients and realtors and he shares his stealth secrets that help Loan Officers connect with more realtors and clients in a very personal way. Alan is high tech and high touch. He shows you how to make every realtor and client feel like a $1M customer to you AND shows you how to maximize the first 48 hours with a client and steal them from your competition! Beyond that, Alan has mastered the art of getting purchase contracts accepted and he shares with you his process, scripts, and strategies to help you close more purchase business.

Ashley Courville

Producing Branch Manager- wife to Chris Paul- and Momma to two Savages Jackson (6) and Camryn (3).

I always knew I would have a big career… but when I decided to get married and have kids most of my life goals didn’t disappear but my reason for living life just got bigger!

Figuring out how to balance my work life and my home life has not always been easy… but I have managed to build my brand, live a life that I consider to be successful and my family and kids don’t have to sacrifice for it. Some days that is easier than others, and it takes dedication and boundaries to ensure it all gets taken care.

Let’s get clear on what kind of life you want to lead… not the life you are “supposed to lead” but the one you are truly called to lead, and we can build a system and process to make that a reality.

Rebecca Foote

Rebecca loves to show Loan Officers how to plan and execute classes and events for both referral partners and consumers. Whether it’s a lunch and learn, a homebuying seminar, or anything in between, Rebecca shows you how to strategically fill the room and, more importantly, how to convert the room to true referral partners and clients.   

Rebecca along with her husband, have built their mortgage business from the ground up.  They opened their doors in 2006 as a mortgage broker, converted to a mortgage banker in 2012, and then brought underwriting in house when they obtained their HUD approval in 2016.

Rebecca credits her success to all the events she hosts (agent lunch and learns, home buyer seminars, broker meetings, client events) along with forming and maintaining relationships with agents and other business professionals.  She is a huge fan of making sure each client is well educated before they sign any papers.  She has a personal team of 6 and a total staff of 13.

Additionally, Rebecca was named Central PA Business Women of the Year in 2019, Forty Under Forty in 2020 and was Next Level’s Rookie Member of the Year in 2021.

She lives in Central Pennsylvania with her husband Shaun and son Grayson.

Wes Wyrick

Wes has been in the mortgage industry for almost 6 years. He certainly experienced the same struggles that all newbies run into when jumping into the mortgage world: working extremely long hours and feeling burnt out. Wes’s business really took off when he identified his strengths and then hired a team to compliment his weaknesses. Wes leads Loan Officers through the journey of self-discovery and helps them identify the roadblocks in their business. From there, Wes breaks down the methods and techniques used to create exceptional teams, empower those people, and provide a world class customer experience to all customers. “It all starts by connecting with yourself first. Once you are real with yourself and understand your blind spots, then teambuilding is a whole lot easier” -Wes

Wes found a way to lead a successful mortgage branch while also being a leader of his household. He is now able to work half the amount he used to while making more money and traveling the country with his family.

Mack Humphrey

Mack Humphrey is one of Colorado’s most successful loan officers.  A former personal trainer, professional athlete, and motivational superstar – his purpose has become leading a life and leaving a legacy he can be proud of him.  He believes that you resemble those you surround yourself with, and Mack only surrounds himself with the best of the best. A jack of all trades and master of many, he’s passionate, knowledgeable, diligent, and motivated to continue to motivate us.

Mack’s an expert with the following ATMs:

  • Social Media
  • Technology Touches
  • Videos
  • Calls
  • Meeting with referral partners

Tyler Hodgson

Tyler is the Founder and President of NXT Mortgage Company, a highly ranked mortgage brokerage in Texas. NXT Mortgage was started in December of 2016, since then they’ve been ranked on the Inc. 5000 list twice, top Mortgage Broker in DFW by Best in DFW, and many other awards. In addition to the company’s success, Tyler remains a high producer originating loans. Tyler has been ranked as atop producing mortgage broker on the Scotsman Guide four times. Tyler believes in building strong teams and emphasizes company culture as the greatest contributor towards NXT’s success.

When Tyler is not working on loans he focus on real estate investing, most recently focusing on large self-storage development syndications. Tyler is a CPA, and successfully grew and sold a small CPA practice. Tyler and his wife, Kim, enjoy playing sand volleyball and traveling. Tyler is also an avid runner.

One of Tyler’s many passions is inspiring other loan originators to grow and reach their full potential. The majority of NXT’s LOs have been brand new to the industry and trained under Tyler’s supervision and mentorship.



Holly Shanelle

I’m Holly Shanelle and I was born and raised in Washington. I’ve enjoyed living in a handful of wonderful Washington cities from Arlington and Camano Island to Kirkland and Bothell. I fully understand why this area is so desired for home ownership.

I’m a Managing Broker with John L. Scott and I’ve been working in real estate for 9 years. I thoroughly enjoy working alongside my peers to raise the bar in the real estate industry and take great joy in helping to mentor the new agents that come to work with us.

Buying and selling real estate is most often a very exciting time in my clients lives and I’m fulfilled by knowing that no stone was left unturned by the time we reach the closing table.

A little bit about me…My husband and I purchased a home on 5 acres and spend our spare time getting adjusted with our new farm life learning to care for the sheep and chickens that we inherited with the property! We’ve added dogs and cats to the mix as well. Our Great Pyrenees and Cane Corso are quite the duo and keep us entertained


More recently, I’ve stepped into coaching with Next Level Loan Officers. I can lend a firsthand perspective into the dos and don’ts of seeking, building and maintaining thriving relationships with your agent partners. I’ve experienced the highest highs of having stellar lender relationships and the benefits to myself, my work life and my business that comes with that. I have also experienced the lows of when the relationship falls apart and so, I am able to come to you with great advice and guidance. The conversation between lender and agent is rarely candid and agents have lots of lenders trying to get their business. I’m here to help you solidify yourself with your agent partners and understand what makes those relationships strong.

Matt DeLuzio

Matt is a fourth generation Colorado native with deep roots in the community. He spent over a decade working in professional sports with the Colorado Crush, Colorado Avalanche, and the NFL/USA Football. He always wanted to work in sports and thought that career path was set until friends in the mortgage business came calling.

Matt started as a part-time loan officer in 2012 and went full time in 2017 after realizing he had a passion for helping people achieve their goal of home ownership. Transitioning into the mortgage business became a place where Matt could apply motivation and inspiration from years of working with top athletes, teams, and executives. It turned out to be a natural fit. He has grown his business consistently, year after year, becoming one of the top mortgage lenders in the country.  Matt has been named as Top 1% of originators by Mortgage Executive Magazine since 2017, and ranked as Top Originator by the Scotsman Guide Originator rankings in 2020 and 2021.

When not running his mortgage business at Spire Financial Matt is likely spending time with his family or coaching his kids in sports.

Matt holds an MBA from the University of Colorado. He lives in Broomfield, Colorado with his wife Nichole, sons Leo and Milo and daughter Emilia.

Matt’s an expert with the following ATMs:

  • Technical Expertise
  • Establishing Consistency in Production
  • Process expert
  • CRM skills
  • Creating Leverage for agents
  • Foundational practices for loan officers

Janna Fox

Chief Executive Officer of ReScore. Janna has been in the credit repair industry for 9 years. She started her career as a Credit Advisor, was quickly promoted to an Account Executive 2 years later and then became the Director of Business Development. Janna has been instrumental in facilitating and sustaining relationships with over 7,000 referral partners across the U.S. which resulted in helping over 40,000 clients improve their credit and buying power. In December 2019 her and 2 business partners started ReScore.

Being a single mother who had to reestablish her financial well-being, credit, and life after a divorce she has a deep passion for helping others. She understands the struggles and hardships that come along with having little to no credit. Her focus and priority at ReScore is educating referral partners and clients, track new market trends, maintain relationships with valued referral partners from all over the U.S. and oversee client relationships. Outside of work, Janna is busy raising her 5 children (2 daughters and 3 sons); is a huge music, wine, and coffee fan; collects quotes; owns too many shoes to count and enjoys reading and writing.

Mike Cuevas

Hi, I’m Mike Cuevas, the founder of the Real Estate Marketing Dude. My missions is to help Realtors, lenders, and investors STOP chasing business and start attracting it with consistent video content creation. We believe your Personal Brand is everything! The Real Estate Marketing Dude is a Done-For-You Video Marketing, Branding, & Content creation company. We believe you’ll get more referrals and direct business when your brand remains on top of mind with your most valuable asset, your rolodex of relationships.

Jeff Lagoni

Jeff is a mortgage beast, plain and simple. After almost 20 years in the business, Jeff has learned a thing or two. When Jeff isn’t busy closing 30+ units each month, he spends his time pouring knowledge into other Loan Officers.

Jeff’s true passion is helping others. He enjoys teaching about team building and dividing responsibilities, how to have massively impactful conversations with clients and referral partners and how to overcome objections, and (maybe the most important) how to actually create balance in your life. Jeff shows Loan Officers how to never say “No” to a customer, but instead “Not right now and here’s your plan to get mortgage-ready.”

An amazing husband and father, Jeff takes great pride in not only his immense work ethic, but also his ability to know when to turn it off so he can watch his kid’s sporting events, go carp fishing, drop Oreo’s into a tall glass of milk or enjoy a peaceful vacation with his family.